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3 - 4 months before

Congratulations, you are at the first step of planning your move and that will be to get moving quotes.You will probably get many quotes so you need to make sure that the service you are being offered is really what you need.

In order to determine what you need, you must provide the moving companies a list of the items that you are planning to take.

Each company will offer you their service based on that list. Some will charge you based on cubic feet, and some will charge you based on the weight.

You should read each offer carefully, and understand what is Included and what’s not, such as, do they offer any packing? Does Insurance Included? Are they Includes fuel surcharge? Do they charge local taxes on top of their price?

Once you have narrowed it down, start making phone calls. Feeling comfortable with the person who will handle your shipment, is sometime much more Important then couple of $$ that you might save.

Ask the sales person a lot of questions to make sure he / she are knowledgeable and make sure you can easily communicate with them.

Ask to know who will be handling the logistics part of your shipment? And who will handle the delivery part at destination? Ask to know who will be your contact person once you have booked your move? Will it be one person? Or multiple? (Since you will provide the sales person a lot of valuable information you want to make sure you don’t have to repeat it all to a new person).

Once you have chosen the company you are most comfortable with and that their price is within your budget you are ready for step # 2 – booking your move.

Important Notes: make sure the company you are choosing is licensed by the federal maritime commission.

3 - 4 weeks before

Now that you have established good relationship with your moving company, they have answered all your questions; it is time to sign the service agreement.

Before signing the agreement, go through all the details once again, make sure the service you have chosen is still what you need, and that everything you have agreed to is listed. Upon signing the agreement you will require to pay a deposit.

Most moving companies will require 2 days window for your pick up. you should make your flying plans according to that, but allow yourself a day or 2 to close all ties after your items will be picked up.

In the next couple of weeks you should start packing your goods, in case you didn’t choose packing service. Don’t forget to make an Inventory list for each box you are packing. Also try to eliminate the items that are “must go”, and items that you are not sure yet.

You should cancel all services that you will no longer require, such as cable, phone, etc…

Important note: NEVER pay deposit unless you have signed a service agreement.

A day before

At this point you should have a firm idea of the items that you must ship and everything you needed to pack should be ready.

The movers will call you 24 Hr. prior to the pickup day, and will confirm with you a time window for the pickup.

During pick up

This is it, the movers are at your home, packing and loading all your goods.When the movers arrive you should walk around the house / apartment with them showing them everything you want them to take.

The movers will have paper work that you will require to fill out in regard to your destination address,contact details and your storage needs if any.

Right before the movers are about to leave, make sure to go around the house one more time to make sure they didn’t forget anything you want to ship.

Shipment is in transit

After pick up, we will deliver your shipment to the port. We will issue the bill of leading and we will truck your shipment until it will get to the destination port.

We will update you a head of time about the estimated arrival date and we will provide you with the delivery agent contact details.

We will send you the proper custom forms, and we will make sure you have everything in order to assure smooth and fast custom clearance before the vessel will arrive to the port of destination. Once the shipment will arrive to the port, the agent will take care of the custom clearance, release your shipment from the port, and will schedule a delivery date.

Delivery day

Finally, your items are here.
The movers will deliver the goods into your new home; they will set the items in the rooms that you want, unwrap the furniture, reassemble the basic furniture, and they will remove the debris.
At the end of the process the movers will fill a delivery report, and will send it to us.