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How to save money

Moving abroad can be expensive. In order to assist you plan your budget we have gathered some tips that might help you save money.

Packing -
while packing furniture might be tricky and you want to leave it to the professionals; packing boxes should be very simple and will save you a lot of money!

You can use any standard moving boxes which you can buy at home depot / U-Haul , or call us for a free box delivery.Focus on packing one room at a time.

Label each box with its content, if you can, make a separate Inventory list. (ask us for guide lines of how to write the Inventory list).Mark 3-4 boxes in each room that you will open first, such as linens, towels, kid’s items, etc. Stuck the boxes in one corner to avoid interfering with your everyday routines.Try to keep each box under 30 Lb to avoid the box from falling apart.

Eliminate what must go -
since you are paying for your move based on the size / weight you want to keep it as low as possible. Therefore you must reorganize your items and give priority to what “must go”. You can provide the “must go” list to your moving company, and if you are still within your budget, you can start considering taking items that are second priority.

Learn the value of goods in the country you are moving to -
another way to save money is to figure out the value of the items in your new destination country. For example, if you are considering taking a bookcase that cost you $50, most likely you will pay about $150 to ship it to your new home. So instead find out how much a new bookcase will cost at your destination. That’s a good way to refresh and redecorate your new home as well.

Donation – Lets help people in need!
If you have furniture or household items that you will not take with you to your new home, there are literally millions of people who could use your furniture donation.When you donate furniture and household items, this people not only getting a second chance, they can also give the recipients a feeling of security, comfort, and home. Your furniture donation, for example, can help formerly homeless people who are transitioning to housing, the working poor who don't have enough income left over after paying for necessities, elderly people on fixed incomes, abused women who leave their situation and seek new shelter, families who have lost possessions or their homes to fire or other disasters, struggling college students, refugees from war-torn countries who resettle in the United States, and people who have lost their jobs.

Your sofa donation may mean a child does not have to sleep on the floor; a kitchen table and chairs may mean a family can eat together; a desk gives a child a place to do homework; a blender means an elderly person can better prepare meals.

Here are some organizations that you can approach:

The National Furniture bank association
Salvation Army
Big Brothers, Big Sisters
Vietnam Vets of America
Good will Industries

Or consider donating to your local church, a homeless shelter, a battered women's shelter, or to a refugee resettlement program. You can find telephone numbers for these organizations in your local phone book.Thank you for helping to those in needs!

Things you must not forget:
Moving abroad can be stressful, and with all the excitement around there are some things you must remember to do:

Cancel all utility services such as gas, electric, cable, phone etc…
Cancel your magazine subscriptions.
Close all your bank accounts.
Return your car plates to the DMV.
Get a mail forwarding feature – you can contact your local post office and fill out a form #1583.

How to save money

moving abroad with small kids can be very challenging. Here are some tips that might help you get the kids on board:

Talk: First make sure the kids will hear it for the first time from you. Before moving talk to your kids about the country you are about to move to. Show them pictures on line of the country’s most famous sites, find great kids places that you can visit, teach them about the local customs, explore the new language and practice basic words.

Let them participate : Empower your kids to be part of the decisions making such as: let them choose their new room, let them choose their new room color, let them pack their own suitcase, get them involved in the packing process of their toys and mark the boxes if they are capable.

Let them relate: read them a book about moving. We recommend:
“The Berenstain Bears' Moving Day.”
“Saying good bye, saying hello”
The Moving Book: A Kids' Survival Guide
We're Moving

Stay in touch : Let them know that they can stay in touch with their old friends by mail, e-mail, Skype and any other method you can think of

Moving with pets: don’t leave your best friend behind!

Pets are part of the family, and although we are not specializing in moving pets we will be delighted to advise you and recommend companies that do.

First you need to investigate whether your dog or cat will be subject to quarantine:
Countries that do quarantine newly arriving animals usually require proof of a neutralizing antibody titration test for rabies performed more than six months before the date of importation. Even countries that don’t require a quarantine period require a health certificate and proof of a current rabies vaccination. So you should schedule a visit to the veterinarian.

Second compare prices and services:
If you choose to do it by yourself you can check with the air lines about their regulations:
American Airlines and Delta Airlines web sites explain industry regulations for transporting live animals as well as guidelines for purchasing International Air Transport Association (IATA) approved shipping crates. Airlines can refuse to ship pets if their crates do not conform to the IATA standard.

If you choose to hire a company to take care of everything from A-Z you can contact “Petmovers“ for additional information at :Petmovers
Good Luck!

Real estate – find your new home.

If you have already established your move, but not sure what your final address will be,we can help!
With real estate agents all around the world, we can help putting you in the right direction towards finding your new home. Please contact us at 1-855-344 5874 or by e-mail to receive free listing of local real estate agent at your new destination.