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1. Q: How soon do I need to book my move?

A: you should book your move as soon as possible. This is the one thing you want to take of your mind, and focus on your other relocation plans. Also, you do not want to wait for the last minute and find out that the moving schedule is over booked for the days you need it.

2. Q: Can I pack my own boxes?

A: you can pack your own boxes, in fact we recommend you do it in order to save money. Just make sure to keep a description of each box.

3. Q: Are there any restrictions on items I plan to take?

A: there are restrictions on items to be shipped. Most countries do not allow any food products, plants and hazardous material to be shipped. Other items will require you to pay local taxes, such as alcohol, Art work, etc... You should consulate with your sales rep to learn the complete restricted list of items to the country you are moving to.

4. Q: When will I know the exact time of my pick up?

A: The pickup dates will be determined upon signing the service agreement, so you will have a general idea. 24Hr. prior to the pickup, the dispatcher will call you to advise you at what time the movers will be at your home.

5. Q: What do I do after the pick up?

A: after the pickup we will issue the final Invoice and we will e-mail it to you. Once payment is received in full we will ship your goods to its destination. We will keep you updates by e-mail in regard to the estimated arrival time and the delivery agent information, so all you need to do is to check your e-mail for updates every couple of days.

6. Q: How do I truck my shipment?

A: If you wish to truck your shipment while in transit, let us know and we will provide you with the steam ship line website and the trucking number.

7. Q: How will I know when to expect my items to arrive?

A: we will provide you with the estimated arrival time, once your shipment will depart the port of origin. That will give you enough time to get ready and to get in touch with the delivery agent for smooth custom clearance once the shipment will arrive to port of destination.

8. Q: What should I expect to pay at destination?

A: there will be some charges at destination. One charge is called Terminal Handling charge which will apply for sure. The amount to be paid is determined by the size of your shipment, and your declared value. Other charges that might apply are local taxes and duties which will be based on your personal Immigration status and the country regulations.

Important: whatever the local charges will be they are not coming from us or our agent , but directly from the ports and local authorities, and they will be accompanied with official receipts.

9. Q: What documents are required for custom clearance?

A: each country has its own requirements for custom clearance and proper documents. We will advise you a head of time about the necessary doc's so you will have them ready once your shipment will arrive to the port of destination. We highly recommend contacting the consulate as well before leaving the origin country to learn more about your rights.

Most countries will allow you tax free importation if you have resided outside of the country for 12 month. In order to prove it you can use utility bills, credit card statements and a lease agreement, so please do not pack them with your goods and keep them handy.

Moving terminology: what is ?

1. FCL shipment - full container load. Usually refer to an exclusive container.

2. LCL shipment - less then container load. Usually refer to consolidated shipment.

3. Roro - roll on roll off is a method of shipping cars. That's when the car will be rolled onto the vessel at origin and will be rolled off at destination. ( no container required).

4. Piano Handling - piano is a delicate item, and heavy as well. All moving companies will charge extra for the Piano Handling which includes a custom made wooden crate.

5. Long Carry - long carry is an extra charge in case the moving crew has to work harder than usual. The long carry charges will apply in 2 cases.

Stairs - if you live in a walk up building with no elevator, pick up above first floor will consider being a long carry.

No access - if the truck can't park right in front of your house / building, the moving crew will have to carry the items for a longer distance. More than 50 ft of your door considered long carry.

6. Double Handling - double handling is an additional charge that will apply if the movers will require to load your shipment more than once. There can be several reasons for that, but the main one is if your service requires a full container, but you wish to keep your goods in storage before shipping. In that case we can't load the goods directly into the container. So the movers will load it once into a truck, unload it at the warehouse, and later they will load it again into the container. That's double work therefore double handling.

7. Local Duties and taxes - each destination port has its own local regulations and taxes. These charges are not in our control, and we can't know their value as it is subject to many factors. All local charges will be accompanied with official receipts.

8. Terminal Handlin charge ( THC ) - terminal Handling charge is a local charge that will apply at any destination port in the world. It's value is determined by the size of your shipment, as well as your declared value.

9. Demurrage & storage - demurrage and storage are port charges that will apply in case your shipment is sitting at the port longer then it should due different reasons. The main one are: delay with custom clearance or special examination.

10. Fumigation - fumigation charges will apply in case the destination port has a reason to suspect your shipment might contain bacteria / bugs etc... Usually will apply if you are shipping items made of non heat treated wood, or if by mistake you have shipped a plant of food. Some countries will automatically fumigate your shipment such as Australia and Colombia.

11. Examination - Examination might be performed by the port austerities both at origin and destination if they have a reason to suspect that your shipment contain something it should not. The examination will result additional charges that will come directly from the port. There is a very small percentage that your shipment will be examined.

12. Special custom clearance - special custom clearance might happen if you are missing some of the required documents or if your shipment will be under examination. The delay with releasing your shipment within the free time that is allowed by the port will result additional charges.

13. Roll Over - Roll over is an additional charge that might result if your shipment is already assigned to leave on a specific vessel, but did not make it. The steam ship line then will roll the container to the next vessel, and will charge roll over fees. Reasons that roll over might happen: if you ship a car and the car didn't complete the clearance process, it will be rolled. Our expert knows how to clear car on time and to avoid these extra charges from occur, while other companies might not be so sensitive to it.